Introducing On My Disk Connector

External storage for your personal cloud. Find out more...

On My Disk – personal cloud storage on your disk

Access your files from everywhere.
Deliver your content right from your disk.

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Unlimited storage and traffic

Do you need to deliver a bunch of multimedia files? Let say, tens of gigabytes of photos and videos from the last shooting?

You will hardly find another solution to get this done for free.

Unlimited cloud space and traffic make On My Disk ideal instant sharing solution for content creators and small businesses.

Unlike other cloud services, On My Disk offers unlimited features for free.

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Secure access and reliable delivery

  • You can access the working copy of your documents at your office PC or multimedia library at home from a web browser or a mobile app. On My Disk uses industrial standard SSL encryption to keep your connection secure.
  • Instant sharing (share by link) through public content delivery network. Your content will always reach your audience, reliably.

Since On My Disk provides direct access to your local file storage, you don't need to upload your content to third-party cloud servers. Your data always remains on your disk.

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What do I need to run On My Disk?


Desktop client

Turn your desktop's hard drive into a cloud-enabled storage

Install a client software and set up your account. You don’t need to dive into a network-related science like VPN, NAT, FTP, Firewall, etc.

Supported operating systems: Windows macOS Linux




Connect any external drive to your cloud

Access yor files 24/7 event when your PC is offline. No desktop client is needed.

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Single-board computers

DIY way

Upgrade your Single Board Computer (SBC)

Install Connector's software on your Raspberry PI or other ARM-based SBC, make it your On My Disk storage.

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