Your personal cloud storage on your disk

On My Disk is an instant sharing solution that turns your local drive into a personal cloud. It provides secure access to your local data from the Internet. With On My Disk, you can share large or sensitive files directly from where they are.

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Store locally, share limitless.

Transfer huge files

Transfer huge files

Share massive files like uncompressed video directly from your local storage.

Unlimited disk space

Unlimited disk space

Access your entire media library or photo archive from everywhere.

Work in team

Work in team

Create groups, invite users. Share different folders to different users or groups.

It's free

Save your money

Don't pay for extra cloud space or traffic. Transfer files over 2GB. Get more business features.

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Unlimited cloud space
Unlimited file size

Do you want to transfer a bunch of media files? Let say, 1.5 TB videos from shooting. What if some of those files are more than 2 GB?

You will hardly find another cloud solution to get this done for free.

Unlimited cloud space, lack of file size and traffic limitations make On My Disk ideal for content makers, freelancers, photographers, videographers.

Unlike other cloud services On My Disk offers all the business features for free.

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Access your files from everywhere

You can access the working copy of your documents at your office PC or multi-media library at home from a web browser or a mobile app. On My Disk uses industrial standard SSL encryption to keep the connections secure.

Since On My Disk provides direct access to your local file storage, you don't need to upload your content to third-party cloud servers. Your data always remains on your disk.

Shared folder can be accessed using web browser or mobile app.

In further versions remote share can be mounted to the local filesystem as a usual network drive.

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Flexible sharing options
Team/Family sharing

Invite users to a group with read/write/admin access. Share your files with people you trust. Sharing options include:

  • Access by link
  • Access with password
  • Limited time access

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What do I need to run On My Disk?



Turn your desktop's hard drive into a cloud-enabled storage

Install a small piece of software and set up your account. You don’t need to dive into a network-related science like VPN, NAT, FTP, Firewall, etc.

Supported operating systems: Windows Mac OS X Linux



Upgrade your existing server

Remote access to your office server made easy

On My Disk is a great supplement for old school FTP servers. Add cloud look and feel to your corporate file storage. The service can work independetly without disruption of the existing infrastucture.

Supported operating systems: Windows Mac OS X Linux

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Single-board computers

DIY way

Turn your Raspberry PI into a personal cloud

Connect USB hard drive to Raspberry PI and install client software in a few simple steps.

Supported operating systems: Raspbian Wheezy Raspbian Jessie Custom firmware

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Network Attached Storage

NAS app

A better cloud solution for your NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Install On My Disk app on your NAS.

Supported NAS models: Will be available soon

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We are working hard to make On My Disk available for NAS


Disk-enabled router

Make your own cloud that works 24/7

Buy an On My Disk-supported router and connect an external USB hard drive or flash drive.

Supported router models: Will be available soon

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We are working hard to make On My Disk available for routers

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